Hmm, a bit about me.
Well, as you can see,
I don't take myself too seriously.
My home, in the Scottish Highlands,
is a messy cottage; a renovation project
with no deadline.
I'm most content outside, taking in the fresh air
and listening to the birds.
Keller, my wire dachshund, is my first love.
My husband is okay with this.
We both love watching his fluffy bum wiggle
as he walks down the street.
Our newest member of the pack
is the little Peigosaur. Peigi is just delightful
when she isn't sinking her puppy teeth
into your flesh.
Then there is Sparky, he is my garden Robin.
I don't make enough time for my artwork,
probably too busy feeding the birds.
Painting and printing are very therapeutic for me,
and I have a passion for making large landscape
pieces in MDF.

Photography has been a part of my life for
a long time now.
Sometimes I shoot for fun or to be creative
but mostly I shoot with the intention
of giving something back,
for people to pass their moments on
through generations.