fresh48 newborn photo shoot baby swaddled

Documenting your journey through active labour until that precious hour of skin to skin. Birth photography in Scotland is practically unheard of but I believe that should change. It will be the most emotional thing you and your partner go through and moments you will never forget. Time, however, has a habit of making our memories foggy.

If you are having a home birth you may already be more open minded to having the experience documented and I would love to chat with you.

Photography in Raigmore's labour suite currently isn't allowed but please ask your midwife if this is something that your interested in.

Fresh 48, is an option on its own or a continuation from the birth. A photo session documenting time spent with your baby while they are still oh so fresh looking, usually within 48 hours of baby's birth. This shoot can be done during visiting hours in hospital or at home.